Mask Making

Much of my time lately has been spent in the Safer at Home quarantine here in Wisconsin. So face mask making during this COVID-19 crisis seems most appropriate.  this picture shows me counting masks that are ready for hospital drop off.

Face masks made for local hospital

Teal Jungle w Bird in Cage and watch

pendant watch can be removed to be worn as necklace. Battery included.

Autumn Sunflowers

Wonderful black background with lovely birds and sunflowers.

Navy Blue and Burgundy Floral Bag

As always, a one-of-a-kind.

Autumn Fields

Lovely bags with many hanging hooks and clips to utilize.


Wonderful gothic theme with exterior patch type pockets too.

Fall and winter bags coming!

Teal jungle. This one comes with a birdcage watch! See slideshow.

Realizing I was making such springy and summery totebags lately I moved towards the fall and winter seasons. Have started selling my bags in Oregon, Wisconsin at a local hair salon and home town pharmacy there. Check them out if you get a chance. Here's a few that are available from me but not yet in the store.

Working on Pink Spring

Pink spring in the works.

Making progress on the spring quilt. The border has been perplexing me. I have sewn four borders on her, each time thinking it was the best way to do it. Now I think a simple dark green mottled border is best. UPDATE: "Shades of Spring" has been finished and sold! 

This one's been on the design wall since summer. Note the pink leaves.  Now that I can move a bit better I've decided to get her finished.  So that's my goal (besides walking again of course).  Based on a spring day, Its been slow going but the design wall is ready for new things.

Wisconsin Wood Violets Landscape Quilt

"Wisconsin Wood Violets"

This Wisconsin Wood Violets quilt was a bit tricky. I tried to make the flowers look like they were fading into the background. What do you think? Also ended up hand dying the fabric for the borders as I couldn't find just the right one. Hmm, maybe I'll haveta learn more about this fabric dying stuff.


Quilt in the works...

One of several of my inspirational photos that I'll be referring to when making this quilt.

Hi. Just started my second landscape quilt about Parfrey's Glen. I'm going to try a rocky scene this time.  As you may know Parfrey's has lots of rock "faces" so getting to express those could be tricky. Wish me luck. I'll add photos as I go along, tho this website here will only allow five photos in a slideshow so it won't be very extensive. Check back here to see the progress as it's coming along.



choosing first fabrics

since the top of my scene is to be trees i chose this green mottled fabric at top.

transitioning from rock to forest areas

I chose this green batik for it's color to show a transition from rocks to grass which I add next.

A few trees up top. And a few faces.

A couple of faces are coming to view here. The path winds through the rocks.

Making Tote Bags

Quilted coloring book bag.

Been working on my free motion quilting designs so end up with more quilted fabrics laying around here. Decided to use some up by teaching myself to make tote bags. Been fun dreaming up different designs and such. Here's some of the results. This black and white bag is fully lined with pockets and a little place to slip paintbrush or marker, pen, etc. It's my new favorite. It's made with a cool woodland coloring book type fabric and has asymetrical straps.


Thanks to the New Glarus Public Library for a Successful Meet and Greet on March 24, 2017. You guys rock!



Charming Lace tote bag

currently available for sale. pls contact me for details.

Blue on Blue Roses Tote

currently for sale, please contact me if interested.

Birds and Butterflies Tote

Currently available for sale. please contact me if interested.


Gardening Wall Quilt

The finished garden. Needs a name.

It's been fun figuring out how to make a little wagon, garden gnome and potted plants and stuff, but it's also been frustrating to move from my usual foresty scenes. This one has been rearranged so much my head is spinning. You can see some of that in the slideshow. Pulling my hair out over this one so I may have to set it aside for awhile...hmm, maybe I need a new section on this website for things i'm setting aside for awhile. maybe i can get comments and help from my visitors. Any ideas for improvement on this would be greatly appreciated. Please send me your ideas, thoughts, and comments. Ideas for a title for this one are appreciated.


Update: Name has been selected, thanks for your suggestions. This one will be called Birdies Welcome" and thanks to Polly P for suggesting it.


The first three fabrics

trying to show depth with garden that meanders through the yard.

the beginning of a tree

plants are added, with some foreground ideas forming.

the garden "path" changed to beds.

after much snipping and searching through fabric scraps, I make gnome, wagon, birdbath, chairs and other items.

arbor is added, "stairs" to the right

shading is beginning, moving items around until they feel right.

still working on it

more shading added, areas becoming more developed