Parfrey's Glen

Crossing Paths at Parfrey's Glen, approx. 45" x 30"

Thought I'd show some progressive pics of one of my other favorite landscape quilts. This one I called "Crossing Paths at Parfrey's Glen." The Glen is a state natural area in Wisconsin with lots of faces in the rock cliffs and a beautiful creek that follows a trail leading through the cliffs. At more than one point you must walk in the stream to continue on the path. Ultimately you end up walking through the stream and over huge boulders.

It's interesting for me to see the transitions of a quilt. I take photos to help me decide things as I'm making a piece. For instance I will take a photo to help me determine which "tree" fabric to use. The photos help me decide which one I want. So I end up with lots of photos of the process of landscape quilt making. The photo here is of the finished quilt hanging (tho not very good lighting I must say). Note in the slideshow pictures below how so many things change throughout, don't just get added to. For instance, the watercourse was changing until about halfway done with this piece. And the moon had at least five different sizes before I finally settled on this one. Even the flowers changed from blue to yellow to purple to pink and back again to a combination. A lot of time gets invested in the changing ideas as they ebb and flow before I'm satisfied with the end result. I will revisit and change quilts even long after I thought I was finished.

just the beginning

I loved the background sky fabric. Looked kinda spooky/beautiful to me.

my first waterway

I liked the fabric for this waterway a lot. It depicted evening well. Alas, it was not to be.

adding horizontal water and path

Trying to find the right water fabric and path route.

Water and path are closer to end result

Notice the moon changes too, position and size.

An even bigger moon

Faces started showing up in the rocks in the background as I worked too. The big one on the right was purely accidental.

The Pink Winter

Winter Rose, Jan. 2017

Okay so I'm working on this landscape quilt about winter and trees and snow. Thought the pink was an unusual way to go. Unfortunately this website will only let me put five slides on the slideshow, so unless my dear friend Joan Stackpole shows me how to do more, I'm kinda stuck with the five right now. But it does let me show progress on the pink winter scene.

Update: The pink one is finally finished. I am calling her "Winter Rose." The finished quilt is approx. 39" x 34" and she turned out better than this photo shows. Why am I calling it a "her?"


Getting started

Love the pink sky

Adding foreground trees

Trying out that little cabin and other goodies

Does it need an animal?

Tried putting a cabin in the scene as well as several animals, here is a deer try-out.

Shading ribbons

Trying to determine the right angle for shadows in the snow.

Adding more snowy branches